1938 Billion Dollar Industry

1938 Billion Dollar Industry

If God is the creator, and He created cannabis, as well as our brains with two different kinds of cannibinoid receptors, one for sativa and one for indica, why would he not want us to use the receptors he so carefully and precisely designed?  This may have been so that no matter where you were stuck on the ball, you would have access to man's most useful plant as certain geographic regions were prone to either type.

Ungodly men outlawed cannabis and used pure deception to do so, thereby proving their spiritual loyalty to evil through the love of money.

Their motivation was for greed and profit.  At this time in history, a long-anticipated farm machine was finally invented which could harvest hemp at a rate similar to other machine harvested crops.  Prior to this it would take hundreds of man hours to harvest a single acre of hemp.  This machine worked as fast as other harvester machines and did an acre in less than an hour.  This was featured in Popular Mechanics in 1938 which showed a picture of the new machine with a title that claimed it opened up a new Billion-dollar industry.  Popular Mechanics - Google Books

Problem.  At this exact same time, Dupont had just invented Nylon, a petroleum product, to replace hemp.  This was a serious problem for Dupont and all his work and investment.  Anslinger was Dupont’s best friend and drug Zar at the time.  Oddly, and surely just a coincidence, Slazenger outlawed industrial hemp by making up the word “marijuana” and claiming it was evil and had to be outlawed.  The rest is known history.  

In a letter from the American Medical Association, they state clearly, they would have never supported the prohibition against marijuana had they known it was really cannabis, the main active ingredient in all patent medicines prior.  This forced the use of synthetic drugs all made again from petroleum.  Now everyone’s all fucked up.

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