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Gorilla Cookies Auto - Fast Buds

Gorilla Cookies Auto - Fast Buds

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From Fast Buds - Our best-selling and most awarded strain of all time has reached a whole new level. Thanks to continuous research, selection, and breeding, our hard work has paid off. In 2022, Gorilla Cookies Auto became the most potent, highest-yielding strain in our catalog and it’s now better than ever. This is a powerful combination of our top autoflowering strains of all time. One of the most potent autoflowering strains to date, with a whopping 28.5%THC. Gorilla Cookies takes on all the best qualities of her parent strains, making her something very special for all growers. As a balanced hybrid of Sativa and Indica, she performs incredibly well both indoors and outdoors while still being super-reliable and resilient to the elements. This strain is a massive producer, making it perfect not only for novices but also for commercial growers looking for potency, yield, and taste. Growers can expect around 650gr/m2 of extremely dense golf-ball-sized buds. The impressively high THC levels translate into an intense resin production making her buds almost completely white and covered in trichomes late in the flowering stage. This strain is a ultimate moneymaker and is a great choice for making all types of extractions not only for the quantity and quality of resin she produces but also for the exceptional aroma she reeks of.

Bud description

 Gorilla Cookies grows extremely big, chunky, and dense buds with a beautiful mix of dark and light shades of green with bright orange hairs giving her quite the bag appeal. These flowers can only be overshadowed by their extreme frostiness, she starts producing huge amounts of trichomes as soon as she enters flowering and her buds will be completely covered in resin nearing harvest.

Smoke report

 Being a perfectly balanced hybrid, this strain delivers an intense head rush that will leave you euphoric and giggling. It will slowly transform into a potent body high that you can feel on your eyes and face and will have you relaxed anywhere you are. It has a synergetic high, perfect for the end of the day, especially after a long day of work.

Plant Appearance

 This lady grows stout and bushy, reaching around 150cm while displaying a compact yet robust appearance with wide internodal spacing. She will develop a thick main cola with fat side branches all around while not requiring much maintenance. She can produce up to 650 gr/m2 in around 10 weeks, putting her among the highest-yielding strains we’ve ever created. All throughout the flowering stage, you’ll be amazed at the insane trichome production. Especially in the final weeks when she definitely packs on some weight and you see the buds getting white in resin and reeking of cookies and gas.
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Grow Tips

 Gorilla Cookies Auto grows best in a soil that drains well but has good water retention properties. We recommend using a mix of coco coir, perlite, and worm castings to improve drainage and nutrient uptake. This particular strain thrives in a temperature range of 23-26°C during the day and 18-22°C at night. Maintaining the optimal temperature will promote good plant growth and development. To get the best results out of your Gorilla Cookies Auto, try nurturing it with high-intensity lighting. We recommend using full-spectrum LED lights with a light cycle of 18-20 hours per day. During the vegetation stage, focus on providing the plant with nitrogen-rich nutrients. Then, as it moves into the flowering stage, it's better to switch to a bloom nutrient formula with higher levels of phosphorus and potassium.To help maximise yields and structure, we recommend using low-stress training techniques such as LST (low-stress training) and SCROG (screen of green). These methods will help the plant to produce multiple colas and increase overall yield.However we do remind you to keep tabs on your plants for signs of pests and disease. You can use natural pest control methods such as neem oil or insecticidal soap to control pests if necessary. Additionally, it's good to note that by maintaining good air circulation and humidity control in your grow space - this will help prevent mold and other fungal diseases from developing!



Gorilla Cookies Auto boasts a complex flavor profile that combines a rich kush flavor, with hints of earthy mint and a subtle sweetness that's reminiscent of freshly baked cookies! On the exhale, you'll notice a pungent mix of hazelnut and earthy tones, giving the strain its signature and memorable taste. This strain is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth and flavorful smoke that packs a punch. When properly cured, Gorilla Cookies Auto will reward you for your labors with an aromatic smoke that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

Overall, this strain offers a well-rounded and satisfying flavor to impress even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur.

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