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Sure-Fire Germination Method for Your Seeds

While there are many ways to germinate or "pop" seeds, the one we recommend for the best possible results, time and time again, is the paper towel in a Ziplock with 1% Hydrogen Peroxide method. If the seed is pop-able, it will pop this way.  

Start with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide available from your local store.  Simply make a solution of 3 parts bottled water to 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide. For example, and this will be a practical amount, measure 15ml water in a beaker, then add 5ml H2O2 bringing it up to 20ml total.  That's your 1% mix and a good amount for one bag with a little pour off.

Next and very important is to wrap the bag in a small hand towel and place the towel on something warm.  We have a piece of audio gear that is "on" all the time, and it gets just a little warm on top.   Look around to see if you have anything that's always warm that might work.  If not, you may want to get a seed heating pad, they're fairly inexpensive.

 Fold towel like this first...
 Then like this.
 Be sure to label your bag, then add the seeds.


 Add your solution, blow a little air in and seal it up.


Wrap this up in a small towel and place it somewhere warm.  Seeds can take anywhere from 24hrs to 10 days, but most will pop on day 2 and 3. That's it.