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Fast Buds

Gorilla Punch Auto - Fast Buds

Gorilla Punch Auto - Fast Buds

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This beauty is one of our strongest champions and has conquered competitions around the world for two years in a row. Gorilla Punch Auto is a wonder to behold with its dense, dark purple buds. This top-shelf strain offers an enlightening experience for growers seeking serious flavor, potent effects, and heavy yields of up to 550 gr/m2! These results are possible in just about 56-63 days, with no additional effort if you provide her with optimal conditions. Gorilla Punch Auto is an ideal all-day strain that provides versatile effects. The terpene profile will have you salivating from the get-go. Boasting unique flavors of creamy lemongrass, mixed herbs, and woody/earthy undertones, she is definitely a must-grow for those seeking impressive results without compromising on quality.

Bud description


Expect chunky purple colas engulfed in resin. Gorilla Punch Auto grows gorgeous buds that dazzle with a mixture of light and dark purple hues. On top of that, the bright-brown hairs all over the small-sized yet extremely dense nugs makes them an absolute treat for the eyes and gives them that top-shelf look all growers want.

If the looks already won you over, then the smell will keep you coming back for more. As soon as you break open a nug you’ll instantly get a hint of the delicious terpene pot-pourri. It starts as a pungent gassy smell that slowly reveals a much more complex terpene profile that cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate.

Smoke report


This strain hits hard and after just a couple of hits, you’ll be chattering away like never before. Gorilla Punch Auto is a great strain for social scenarios and those looking to lift their moods up or tap into their creativity while still benefiting from the bodily effect this strain has to offer. Thanks to the Indica side, this strain gets you in a focused state of mind, allowing you to stay in a positive drive for the whole day. Those not used to potent strains should start with smaller doses and ease into it as this is a powerful strain that’ll get you couch-locked if you don’t have a high enough tolerance.

Plant appearance


This strain grows quite tall, reaching a maximum of 120cm and developing fairly wide leaves with thin fingers, typical of hybrid varieties. Gorilla Punch Auto is ideal for newbies who can get yields of up to 550gr/m2, so expect lots of shiny golf-ball-sized buds from head to toe without any extra effort. Thanks to the exceptional genetic selection, the thick buds are perfectly placed throughout the main cola and branches and develop with little leaves, making your grow cycle as smooth as possible from seed to harvest. 

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Grow tips


Gorilla Punch Auto is known for its thick, heavy buds that can cause the branches to snap if not properly supported. Consider using bamboo stakes or a scrog net to ensure the branches can hold the weight of the buds.

As the flowering phase progresses, the pungent aromas of this strain will fill your grow space. To control the odor, invest in a carbon filter and exhaust fan that is appropriately sized for your grow space. This will help ensure your girls stay healthy, and you can avoid unwanted attention from curious noses.

To maximize yields, we recommend tying down the branches. This technique allows for better light penetration and improves airflow between the buds, reducing the risk of mold and pests. By keeping the buds evenly spaced and well-supported, you can expect a bountiful harvest from your Gorilla Punch Auto plants.

With the right support, environmental controls, and appropriate growing techniques, you'll be rewarded with high-quality, potent buds that will leave you wanting more.



Gorilla Punch Auto boasts an irresistible flavor profile. From the whiff of the first grind, these terpene-rich nugs will ooze aromas that have you salivating in anticipation. The scent is described as sweet, with a hint of something exotic - smooth to toke, and well rounded in flavor!

On the inhale, you'll immediately notice the sweet and sour notes of lemon  filling your senses. This is complemented upon exhaling with an evolution of flavor, taking you on a journey from the creamy sweetness of lemon mousse, followed by a powerful punch of cinnamon and clove. This unique combination incites a memorable love affair that will leave you smitten and reminiscing over your last toke.

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