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Miller Microplex

Miller Microplex

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Product Overview

Microplex® is an EDTA chelated blend of eight micronutrients designed for maximum plant response in foliar or soil applications. It is extremely effective for treatment of soils and crops where micronutrient deficiency is diagnosed or suspected. Microplex is easy to handle and highly soluble in spray solutions and drip irrigation systems. Microplex is suitable for foliar applications, inclusion in liquid feed, hydroponic mixes and for soil applications. It is compatible with phosphate-based fertilizers.

Composition includes: magnesium 5.43%, boron 0.50%, cobalt 0.05%, copper 1.50%, iron 4.00%, manganese 4.00%, molybdenum 0.10%, zinc 1.50%



  • Eight essential micronutrients
  • More than 17% total micronutrient content
  • Microgranule formulation
  • Highly soluble and easy to mix


  • Greater plant activity during bud burst flowering stage as a result of supplemental boron, iron, and zinc
  • Increased fruit set may be achieved with additional amounts of boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc during critical growth periods
  • Supplementing nutrients during fruit fill through maturity may lead to higher rates of efficiency and productivity
  • Stronger post harvest recovery as a result of added magnesium, boron, and zinc
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