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Wedding Cheesecake FF

Wedding Cheesecake FF

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A Slice of Cannabis Heaven.

  • Baking people happy. Experience exceptional creamy and cheesy flavors.
  • Flavorful power! A potent effect that’s just as good as the delicious flavors.
  • Greatly resilient. Maximize yields while minimizing effort.
  • The best of both worlds. Perfectly balanced hybrid; refreshes your mind and body.
  • Perfect for extractions. Bold cheesecake terps for the most flavorful concentrates.
A delight for the mind and body: Wedding Cheesecake FF (Fastflowering) is a delicious strain that offers XXL yields in a 7-8 weeks flowering cycle. This terpene powerhouse produces loads and loads of mouth-watering vanilla-creamy-cookie-scented terps with hints of citrus and cinnamon. In addition to its delicious aromas, this variety grows very well in both indoor and outdoor setups, yielding up to 650 g/m2 without extra maintenance, making it the ideal strain for beginners as it allows you to maximize yields while minimizing work. This superfast feminized photoperiod version offers upbeat and energetic yet deeply relaxing effects that are perfect for consumers looking for a heavily focused, motivating, and creative high. It’s the ideal strain for those needing that extra energy boost to start a busy day on the right foot.

Bud Description 


Wedding Cheesecake FF boasts chunky, large-sized buds with a thick layer of silvery-white resin and bright orange hairs scattered all over: that just screams ‘quality’. The lime-green flowers sparkle with an array of hues ranging from dark to light green, to magenta and purple, and reek of a delicious aroma that’ll remind you of fresh store-bought cheesecake. As you break the buds open, expect a deliciously cheesy and creamy aroma with a citrus zest to it and a sweet nuttiness that rounds it up and smoothes out the smoke.

Smoke Reports 

 Expect an effect that’s just as delicious as the aroma. This strain’s effects are more cerebral than physical and start as a powerful cerebral rush that lifts your mood, leaving you in a nice state of happiness that eliminates all negativity and stress. As you continue to smoke, the strong body high starts to creep up and puts you into a calm, deeply relaxing state that takes the edge off and puts you in a peaceful state of mind. Wedding Cheesecake FF offers a powerful yet finely balanced mix of Indica and Sativa effects, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.

Plant Appearance 

 This is an XXL hybrid that grows extremely tall in height, reaching up to 3m with one huge main cola and multiple long side branches that can withstand enormous yields of up to 650 g/m2 with ease. Wedding Cheesecake FF is extremely resilient to the elements and can be grown in almost every climate as long as you’ve got the space and basics covered, making her an excellent choice for those looking for large-scale harvests with a quick turnaround time without much effort.

Grow Tips 

 This is a super fast feminized photoperiod version that takes approximately 7-8 weeks to flower with a 5-week vegetation cycle, this means you can have faster harvests by shortening the veg cycle or have a longer veg cycle for bigger yields.

In order to enhance the delicious creamy/cheesy flavors even more, make sure to flush thoroughly during the last weeks of harvest.

It’s highly recommended to tie down or scrog Wedding Cheesecake FF (Fastflowering) as it develops long side branches that respond really well to LST techniques and will reward you with even denser buds.


 Wedding Cheesecake FF offers a distinctive mix of sweet, earthy, and fruity terps that tastes just like baked tart and creamy cheesecake. As you inhale, expect a creamy nutty vanilla taste with hints of cinnamon that fill your whole mouth with creamy deliciousness. And as you exhale, the creamy, nutty flavors open up, giving place to a powerful blend of citrus zests with touches of floral and herb terps that are out of this world. Truly bold and complex flavors that taste just as it smells and will keep you guessing after every pull of a joint.
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