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Ztrawberriez Auto

Ztrawberriez Auto

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The current American Autoflower Cup winner.

  • Winner of the AAC 2024. 1st place in the "Best Sativa" category.
  • Let your worries float away. A potency that’ll melt your worries away.
  • The perfect all-day strain. Completely functional strain for busy stoners.
  • Ideal for beginners. Up to 600g/m2 in 9-10 weeks without extra maintenance.
  • Berrylicious resin. Mouth-watering berries and cream terps make for the most delicious extractions.
Ztrawberriez Auto arises from a cross between two Cali varieties known for their outstanding terpene profiles and potency. This strain does not only produce up to 600 g/m2 of beautiful rock-hard bud in 9-10 weeks but also will take your taste buds on a rollercoaster trip through the whole range of sweet and fruity terps. Expect flavors ranging from strawberry to lemon to grape to blueberry that come hand-in-hand with a fantastically balanced effect with a slight Indica dominance. Ztrawberriez Auto’s effects start with an uplifted cerebral head high that keeps you alert and happy while its Indica side relaxes your whole body and takes the edge off, putting you in a nicely balanced, calm, and focused mind state that allows you to get things done even on the busiest workdays.

Bud Description

Ztrawberriez Auto produces long and fat buds with a beautiful light green shade with oftentimes purplish hues and a thick layer of resin that starts at the top of the flowers and continues all the way to the tip of the sugar leaves. It’s the typical bud structure you would expect from hybrid varieties topped with an explosion of fruity terps that’ll hit you in the face with a blend of creamy, fruity, and sweet aromas as soon as you break the buds open. Definitely a must for terp heads and extractors looking for exaggerated flavors and aromas.

Smoke Reports

Despite its Sativa dominance, Ztrawberriez Auto offers a surprisingly well-balanced effect. The effect starts almost immediately after the first hit with a mild cerebral effect that gradually builds into an intensely motivating, uplifting high that leaves you completely focused and stress-free. The functional head high is accompanied by a warming body buzz that completely relaxes your whole body without being too sedative. It leaves you in a nice dreamy mindstate that’ll make your worries float away.

Plant Appearance

Ztrawberriez Auto is a super resilient and easy-to-grow strain that’s perfect for beginners as it will not fail to produce yields of up to 600g/m2 of gorgeous frosty flowers in 9-10 weeks without any extra maintenance. This variety grows up to 120cm with long branches and really thick buds that grow stacked on top of each other, making it look like each branch is holding one enormous bud. This is a truly wonderful variety, especially for beginners as Ztrawberriez Auto will produce extremely dense and flavorful harvests even with basic maintenance.

Grow Tips

Due to the super dense buds, it’s highly recommended to LST the branches in order to space them out, this way not only do you allow more light to reach the lower buds but also improve airflow between the branches which helps prevent mold. Ztrawberriez Auto will fill your grow room with a mouth-watering mix of creamy and fruity aromas so make sure to have your carbon filter ready to prevent attracting unwanted attention. And when harvest day comes, keep your trim bin close as the resinous sugar leaves make for the most delicious hash and extracts.


Ztrawberriez Auto offers a fusion of sweet, and creamy tastes with berries and the whole palette of fruity flavors. As you inhale, expect a slightly citrus taste with more prominent flavors of earthy berries and grapes that get more and more intense the deeper you inhale. And as you exhale, the flavors reveal a sweet, almost candy-like, creamy fruity flavor with lemony undertones and touches of diesel that leave a long-lasting coat of terps on your whole mouth and throat.

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